Child Seal™ - Baby Waist Carrier
Child Seal™ - Baby Waist Carrier
Child Seal™ - Baby Waist Carrier
Child Seal™ - Baby Waist Carrier

Child Seal™ - Baby Waist Carrier

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Are you tired of carrying your baby, especially while traveling? Do you get frequent backaches after doing so? Then this unique Baby Waist Carrier is perfect for you!

Carry your baby with ease. The carrier fits comfortably around your waist and acts as a seat for your baby. It even includes storage pockets!

Want to see how it works? Check out one of our most recent reviews from this mom!

Full Baby Support: Helps support your baby while carrying them around and perfect for on-the-go.

Comfortable and Durable: This baby waist carrier is comfortable for both baby and parent. Unlike other baby carriers that require you to carry your newborn facing you or facing away from you, the baby hip seat allows you to hold your baby however you like.

Relieves Back Pain and Stress: Allows you to easily carry your baby without pain or injury to your shoulders, arms, or wrists. Unlike other baby holders, the newborn hip seat secures firmly around your waist and provides a stool for your baby to rest on. Once you use it, you'll never want to be without it.

Safe and easy to use: The days of strapping and unstrapping your baby to pick them up or set them down are over. Since the baby hip seat and storage pack secures around your waist and not around your child, you can lift or set down your baby whenever you like.

    If you don't like your baby waist carrier, no worries. Just let us know within 30 days and you will receive a stress-free refund.